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My passion comes from a challenge with myself. A challenge I won.

As a child I remember walking past Buccinasco’s Dromokart as a regular basis and I was fascinated by it.
The first time on a Kart was love at first “wheel” for me: I started with initial indoor kart tests and when I later switched to the outdoors my passion has grown dramatically.

My father, who by the way is called Franco and is my biggest fan, makes his first big investment in order to let me race: he buys me a 60cc kart.

In the spring of 2017 I joined my first team and I took part to my first 2 races in the IAME championship. In this period I showed that I had some skill, because I was able to make up for the technical gap I had with my peers, who had been racing for more than four years. In that time my biggest dream would have been to drive in the 24H of Le Mans.

After that I joined the Parrilla SCS Team where I stayed from 2018 to 2020.

I participated in the following championships (which are divided by engine typology):

  • 2018 ROK championship;
  • 2019 IAME championship and I took part to 8 races, of which one of the national MINI and one of the European championship;
  • 2020 IAME championship and I participated to 1 race (but then the pandemic breaks out), I also moved to the superior 125cc junior displacement.

In 2020 my father created our D.I.V.S. 47 Racing, which is a club devoted to ,  and we are getting ready to start the 2021 season with the aim of taking part to the following championships: X30 IAME SERIES ITALY, IAME X30 EUROSERIES and NATIONAL and in some races of the ROK CUP championship.

In the last months of 2021 I joined a new team, which helps me grow as a driver. I train systematically every weekend and, after several tests with karts of different categories, we have chosen to participate in the Shifter Rok, aiming to reach the world championship which will take place in October. The new kart brings new challenges with it: 6-speed manual gearbox which I must learn to use, superior physical preparation required due to the high average speed and mental stability to face longer races.

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